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Margaret Dobbins - Owner of Signature Aesthetics Maine
The Artist


Signature Aesthetics is a microblading and permanent makeup boutique focused on professional and individual service. Owner/Operator Margaret carries multiple certifications from the most reputable schools of PMU and Microblading. 

The ARTWork


Look amazing and save time with permanent makeup (PMU) and microblading treatments.

*Prices include first initial touch up (if needed) if done within 6-8 weeks of first appt. After the 8-week mark touchups will be at the annual touch up/color boost prices.


A manual technique of inserting pigment into the skin to create very fine hair strokes. Very natural look. Best for Normal/Dry skin types. Not recommended for oily skin. Lasts 12-24months with recommended annual touch ups. Heal time 2-6 weeks.

Combo Brows
Hair Strokes & Shading

A combination of microblading and machine shading. Still very natural but with added depth and texture. Great for all skin types. Lasts 12-36months with recommended touch ups when needed. Heal time 2-6 weeks.

Powder Brows

This technique offers a soft makeup up look and heals well on all skin types. Especially great for oil skin types. This technique is performed using machine shading only and results in a soft pixelated effect. Lasts 12-36 months with recommended touch ups when needed. Heal time 2-6 weeks.

Lip Blushing

A machine shading technique that helps enhance and refine the natural lip line. Healed results resemble a lip tint or lip stain. Not meant to replace lipstick. Heal time is about 1 week. Lasts 12-36months **Not recommended if you get frequent cold sores**

A machine technique used to create a slightly winged eyeliner effect. Heal time 1 week.
Lash Enhancement
A machine technique to darken the lash line to enhance your lashes. Not a replacement for eyeliner. Heal time 1week.
Annual Touch Up/Color Boost
Brows (all types): $200
Lips: $300
*Note not all services will need an annual touch up. Please send a picture beforehand to determine if you are due. If all your pigment is gone it will be considered a new service and full price will be charged.
Cancellation & Late Policy
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please, do so at least 72hrs in advance to avoid any charges. Failure to do so will result in the complete loss of your deposit and a new deposit will need to be given to schedule a new appointment. Because of the time needed to complete each appointment, clients who are 15minutes late may be asked to start the appointment without primary numbing. If you are 30minutes or more late, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be charged the full amount for your appointment. You will then need to reschedule and pay your deposit again for a new appointment. I will not rush your appointment or the clients after you due to lateness.
The Signature Look

Before & After



You could be our next happy customer!

Margaret is exceptionally patient and super thorough every step. She is so knowledgeable and attentive too. 10/10 highly recommend for every procedure!! Best salon service I’ve ever had!!! I’ll be back soon!!!
I have eyebrows again! My eyebrows were thinning and grey. For several years I drew them on most days. Since I also wear glasses, this was no easy task. Margaret exceeded my expectations. The shop is very nice, and I did not feel the least bit rushed. She explained everything and checked many times to make sure that I was comfortable. I would highly recommend.
I was a bit anxious about my appointment because I’ve never had permanent makeup done but as soon as I entered and had my consult, my anxiety was gone. Margaret is very professional, her space is clean, and the work was impeccable. She explained everything clearly so I knew exactly was to expect and she also checked in with me every few days after to make sure my healing process was going well. I will definitely be having more permanent makeup done by Margaret and I’m looking forward to it! 10 out of 10!!!